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BALDOR DRIVE from BALDOR Page 3 of 45
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41. Part #: BC19H205-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,230V,19H,5HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

42. Part #: BC19H210-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,230V,19H,10HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

43. Part #: BC19H220-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,230V,19H,20HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

44. Part #: BC19H240-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,230V,19H,40HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

45. Part #: BC19H250-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,230V,19H,50HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

46. Part #: BC19H260-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,230V,19H,60HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

47. Part #: BC19H410-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,10HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

48. Part #: BC19H4100-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,100HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

49. Part #: BC19H420-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,20HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

50. Part #: BC19H4200-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,200HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

51. Part #: BC19H430-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,30HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

52. Part #: BC19H4300-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,300HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

53. Part #: BC19H440-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,40HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

54. Part #: BC19H450-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,50HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

55. Part #: BC19H475-CO
Description: DGT DC CTRL,460V,19H,75HP,OPEN,NONE,1X

56. Part #: BC200
Description: FSCN 3000A34 120V 1HP 240-2HR REGEN

57. Part #: BC201
Description: FSCN 3000A27 120V 1.5HP 240V 3HP REGEN

58. Part #: BC202
Description: .75-1.5HP/SCR CTRL,AC,KBRG-212D

59. Part #: BC203
Description: 2.5-5HP/SCR CTRL,AC,KBRG-225

60. Part #: BC204
Description: SC4251A,KBMG-212D (BC204),CHASSIS 90V-1H