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BALDOR DRIVE from BALDOR Page 17 of 45
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321. Part #: ID15V430-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15V,-/-/30HP,1,DC INJ,C

322. Part #: ID15V440-E0
Description: DRIVE AC, 40HP, 460V

323. Part #: ID15V440-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15V,-/-/40HP,1,DC INJ,C

324. Part #: ID15V460-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15V,-/-/60HP,1,DYN

325. Part #: ID15V475-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,15V,-/-/75HP,1,DYN

326. Part #: ID15V502-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/2HP,1,DC INJ TR

327. Part #: ID15V503-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/3HP,1,DC INJ TR

328. Part #: ID15V505-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/5HP,1,DC INJ TR

329. Part #: ID15V507-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/7.5HP,1,DC INJ

330. Part #: ID15V510-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/10HP,1,DYN TRAN

331. Part #: ID15V515-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/15HP,1,DYN TRAN

332. Part #: ID15V520-ER
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/20HP,1,DYN TRAN

333. Part #: ID15V525-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/25HP,1,DC INJ,C

334. Part #: ID15V530-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/30HP,1,DC INJ,C

335. Part #: ID15V540-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/40HP,1,DC INJ,C

336. Part #: ID15V550-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/50HP,1,DC INJ,C

337. Part #: ID15V560-EO
Description: AC INVERTER,575V,15V,-/-/60HP,1,DYN

338. Part #: ID164125-EO
Description: DRIVE AC 125HP 460V

339. Part #: ID16425-EO
Description: DRIVE 25HP

340. Part #: ID21H410-EL
Description: AC INVERTER,460V,21H,10-10-10HP,RGN