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FINCOR DRIVE from FINCOR Page 60 of 123
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1181. Part #: 3564M0405
Description: DC DRIVE

1182. Part #: 3565M0740
Description: DC DRIVE

1183. Part #: 36215
Description: CONTROLLER

1184. Part #: 390080
Description: CIRCUIT BOARD

1185. Part #: 4106P52043A
Description: SOFT START

1186. Part #: 4131S0093A-5
Description: SOFT START, 2-5HP, 230/460V 9A

1187. Part #: 4150949B
Description: DRIVE AC 575V/75HP 94A ENCLOSED 3PH

1188. Part #: 4150M061B
Description: DRIVE SS 2HP 230V 6FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1189. Part #: 4150M063B
Description: DRIVE SS 3HP 460V 6FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1190. Part #: 4150M069B
Description: DRIVE SS 3HP 575V 6FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1191. Part #: 4150M1251B
Description: DRIVE SS 50HP 230V 125FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1192. Part #: 4150M1253B
Description: DRIVE SS 100HP 460V 125FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1193. Part #: 4150M1571B
Description: DRIVE SS 60HP 230V 157FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1194. Part #: 4150M1573B
Description: DRIVE SS 125HP 460V 157FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1195. Part #: 4150M1921B
Description: DRIVE SS 75HP 230V 192FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1196. Part #: 4150M1923B
Description: DRIVE SS 150HP 460V 192FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1197. Part #: 4150M2501B
Description: DRIVE SS 100HP 230V 250FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1198. Part #: 4150M2503B
Description: DRIVE SS 200HP 460V 250FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1199. Part #: 4150M281B
Description: DRIVE SS 10HP 230V 28FLA CHASSIS 3PH

1200. Part #: 4150M283B
Description: DRIVE SS 20HP 460V 28FLA CHASSIS 3PH