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101. Part #: CIMR-V7AM21P51
Description: DRIVE AC, 230V, .75HP, 4A, 1PH/3PH, CT, NEMA 1

102. Part #: CIMR-V7AM22P21
Description: DRIVE AC, 230V, 1HP, 5.5A, 1PH/3PH, CT, NEMA 1

103. Part #: CIMR-V7AM23P71
Description: DRIVE, 230VAC 3PH, 5HP, 17.5 AMPS GPD315-MVA017 MAGNETEK DRIVE

104. Part #: CIMR-V7AM25P51
Description: DRIVE AC, 230V, 3HP, 11.5A, 1PH/3PH, CT, NEMA 1

105. Part #: CIMR-V7AM27P51
Description: DRIVE AC, 230V, 5HP, 16.5A, 1PH/3PH, CT, NEMA 1

106. Part #: CIMR-V7AM40P21
Description: DRIVE AC, 460V, .5HP, 1.2A, 3PH, CT, NEMA 1

107. Part #: CIMR-V7AM40P41
Description: DRIVE AC, 460V, .75HP, 1.8A, 3PH, CT NEMA 1

108. Part #: CIMR-V7AM40P71
Description: DRIVE AC 1&2HP 460VAC 3.4 AMPS

109. Part #: CIMR-V7AM41P51
Description: DRIVE AC, 460V, 3HP, 4.8A, 3PH, CT, NEMA 1

110. Part #: CIMR-V7AM43P71
Description: DRIVE AC, 460V, 5HP, 8.6A, 3PH, CT, NEMA 1

111. Part #: CIMR-V7AM45P51
Description: DRIVE AC, 460V, 7.5/10HP, 14.8A, 3PH CT, NEMA 1

112. Part #: CIMR-V7CU20P14
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, .125HP, .8A, CT

113. Part #: CIMR-V7CU20P24
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, .25HP, .8A, CT

114. Part #: CIMR-V7CU20P44
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, .5HP, 3A, CT

115. Part #: CIMR-V7CU20P74
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, 1HP, 5A, CT

116. Part #: CIMR-V7CU21P54
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, 2HP, 8A, CT

117. Part #: CIMR-V7CU22P24
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, 3HP, 11A, CT

118. Part #: CIMR-V7CU23P74
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, 5HP, 17.5A, CT

119. Part #: CIMR-V7CU25P54
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, 7.5HP, 25A, CT

120. Part #: CIMR-V7CU27P54
Description: AC DRIVE, 230V, 10HP, 33A, CT