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BUSSMANN FUSE from BUSSMANN Page 305 of 479
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6081. Part #: FWP70B
Description: FUSE, 70A, 700VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6082. Part #: FWP800A
Description: FUSE, 800A, 700VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6083. Part #: FWP80A
Description: FUSE, 80A, 700VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6084. Part #: FWP80A22F
Description: FUSE, 80A, 700VAC/DC, SEMI, 22X58mm I2T=6600

6085. Part #: FWP80B
Description: FUSE, 80A, 700VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6086. Part #: FWP90
Description: FUSE, 90A, 700VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6087. Part #: FWP900
Description: FUSE, 900A, 700VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6088. Part #: FWP900A
Description: FUSE, 900A, 700VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6089. Part #: FWP90A
Description: FUSE, 90A, 700VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6090. Part #: FWP90B
Description: FUSE, 90A, 700VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6091. Part #: FWX1000AH
Description: FUSE, 1000A, 250VAC

6092. Part #: FWX100A
Description: FUSE, 100A, 250VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6093. Part #: FWX10A14F
Description: FUSE, 10A, 250VAC, SEMI, 14X51mm

6094. Part #: FWX1200AH
Description: FUSE

6095. Part #: FWX125A
Description: FUSE, 125A, 250VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6096. Part #: FWX12A14F
Description: FUSE, 12A, 250VAC, SEMI, 14X51mm

6097. Part #: FWX1500AH
Description: FUSE

6098. Part #: FWX150A
Description: FUSE, 150A, 250VAC/DC, SEMICONDUCTOR

6099. Part #: FWX15A14F
Description: FUSE

6100. Part #: FWX1600AH
Description: FUSE