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BUSSMANN FUSE from BUSSMANN Page 362 of 479
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7221. Part #: KAW3
Description: FUSE

7222. Part #: KAW30
Description: FUSE

7223. Part #: KAW4
Description: FUSE

7224. Part #: KAW9
Description: FUSE

7225. Part #: KAWA-35

7226. Part #: KAX0.500
Description: FUSE, 0.500A(1/2A), 250VAC, SEMI

7227. Part #: KAX1
Description: FUSE, 1A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7228. Part #: KAX10
Description: FUSE, 10A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7229. Part #: KAX12
Description: FUSE, 12A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7230. Part #: KAX15
Description: FUSE, 15A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7231. Part #: KAX17.500
Description: FUSE, 17.500A(17-1/2A), 250VAC, SEMI

7232. Part #: KAX2
Description: FUSE, 2A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7233. Part #: KAX20
Description: FUSE, 20A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7234. Part #: KAX3
Description: FUSE, 3A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7235. Part #: KAX30
Description: FUSE, 30A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7236. Part #: KAX4
Description: FUSE, 4A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7237. Part #: KAX40
Description: FUSE, 40A, 250V, SEMICONDUCTOR

7238. Part #: KAX5
Description: FUSE, 5A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7239. Part #: KAX6
Description: FUSE, 6A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR

7240. Part #: KAX7
Description: FUSE, 7A, 250VAC, SEMICONDUCTOR