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BUSSMANN FUSE from BUSSMANN Page 411 of 479
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8201. Part #: MDF3
Description: FUSE

8202. Part #: MDF5
Description: FUSE

8203. Part #: MDF7
Description: FUSE

8204. Part #: MDL-V0.0625
Description: FUSE, 0.0625A(1/16A)

8205. Part #: MDL-V0.100
Description: FUSE, 0.100A(1/10A), AXIAL LEADED

8206. Part #: MDL-V0.500
Description: FUSE

8207. Part #: MDL-V0.750
Description: FUSE, 0.750A(3/4), AXIAL

8208. Part #: MDL-V1
Description: FUSE

8209. Part #: MDL-V2
Description: FUSE

8210. Part #: MDL-V2.500
Description: FUSE, 2.5A

8211. Part #: MDL-V3
Description: FUSE

8212. Part #: MDL-V4
Description: FUSE

8213. Part #: MDL0.010
Description: FUSE, 0.010A(1/100A), 250V, T, 6X32

8214. Part #: MDL0.031
Description: FUSE

8215. Part #: MDL0.03125
Description: FUSE, 0.03125A(1/32A), 250V, T, 6X32 TIME DELAY

8216. Part #: MDL0.0625
Description: FUSE, 0.0625A(1/16A), 250V, T, 6X32 TIME DELAY

8217. Part #: MDL0.100
Description: FUSE, 0.100A(1/10A), 250V, T, 6X32mm TIME DELAY, GLASS

8218. Part #: MDL0.125
Description: FUSE, 0.125A(1/8A), 250V, T, 6X32mm TIME DELAY, GLASS

8219. Part #: MDL0.150
Description: FUSE, 0.150A(15/100A), 250V, T, 6X32 TIME DELAY, GLASS

8220. Part #: MDL0.175
Description: FUSE, 0.175A(175/100A), 250V, T,6X32 TIME DELAY